J.D. Power: New Cross Inudstry Report Shows Who's The Best

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Well it's about time. Finally there's an interesting report out there that shows which companies are the best in terms of customer service across all industries. J.D. Power & Associates released the 2011 Cross Industry Customer Service Champions report, a list of the top 40 companies across all industries, in customer service. According to the report, J.D. Power & Associates looked at 800 different companies and handed out awards to the top 5% based on customer feedback about services rendered. The top 40 includes companies such as Cadillac, Sprint Nextel, the Four Seasons, Southwest Airlines and Zappos. According to the company, the top companies are those that have been able to weather the economic downturn as they have focused more on providing solid customer service experiences, along with superior products. Quite simply, the companies that have been able to adapt quickly and provide a better customer experience have been more successful at staying in business, as opposed to some of the older, larger companies that were looked at for the study.

An interesting tidbit from the report is how over the past ten years, the average scores in the service-oriented industries have remained flat, while scores in the product-oriented industries have risen. Also included in the report was how the gap between the best performing companies and the worst performing companies has increased. None of this should really be considered earth shattering to anyone who reads this blog, but it's great to see the evidence come out in a report by such a reputed firm. J.D. Power & Associates ( a McGraw Hill company) isn't to be ignored in the customer ranking world. Hopefully the new report will help companies that were not included in the top 5% to focus on their downfalls, and will focus more on providing solid customer experiences in the future. Well done J.D. Power & Associates.

For more on the newest customer service study, click here.

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