How to Lower Your Monthly Cell-Phone Charges

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With more and more people losing their jobs and trying to cut back on monthly expenses, an article in the New York Times explains how one customer was able to lower their Verizon Wireless bill after talking to the customer service representative. While some of the tricks can be considered old hat for the customer service savy, it never hurts to call the company to see what they can do. Some off the suggestions include asking readers to "be polite, direct and calm" as well as asking the customer service representative what they can do to help. Verizon Wireless representatives are more likely to help someone who has lost their job, and will throw away certain monthly charges in order to retain the customer, but as we at have stated before, if all else fails, threaten to leave for another carrier. It's the oldest trick in the book, but if the company isn't willing to help you out, it doesn't hurt to play a little hardball.

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Posted by GetHuman on Thu, 19 Nov 2009 4:12pm

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