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A few weeks ago I wrote an article based on some comments from a Google representative, claiming they had far too many customers and not enough time to provide customer service support to everyone. In essence, the comments were made in a "why bother" manner. Well, I stand corrected...sort of. Google AdWords, the popular online advertising component offered by Google, has quietly been providing phone and email support. Since April, Google AdWords has added over 1,000 customer service representatives to handle both email and phone submissions. According to the Google representative, the company can learn a lot about it's customer base by helping to better service them, and the information they get from interacting with their customers can provide the help to the marketing department, to start offering better products to customers in the future. Google is using the customer care center as an asset by using over 10,000 calls per week to help understand customer needs and provide better products. It gets better. Not only does Google "get it", but the company claims that solid customer service can help increase ROI. Google, have you been reading my blog? I love you guys!

Whether it's from the conversations with first time customers (Google claims 20% of all calls are from first time customers), or with long time customers, Google quickly understood that customers like to speak to actual human beings ( anyone?), and that there's an added benefit to actually speaking to customers and helping them with their issues. While companies often view the customer call center as a cost that shrinks margins, Google is going the other way and is looking at it like a means to increase revenues. Now that's a pretty novel concept. I always talk about how it's cheaper for companies to retain current customers than it is to go find new customers, but not only does Google acknowledge that, but they are in fact finding ways to increase revenues from a department that is so often considered an un-needed expense. Please other companies, study Google and do what they are doing. It's not as hard as it sounds!

For more on the conversation with the Google Adwords representative, click here.

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Posted by GetHuman on Tue, 6 Sep 2011 4:10pm

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