Goog411 Provides Free, Automated Phone Number Lookup

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REPLY: A live person at a fair price would be great, IF it existed. However, given that it doesn't exist, GOOG411 is a reasonable alternative, hitting on three items that are huge for most consumers: It's cheap, convenient and safe. It quickly finds the phone number that you're looking for and connects you at no additional charge. No irritating ads and no need to take your eyes off the road while you write done the phone number. I tested this product several times and had the same easy experience each time.

COMMENT: Have you tried goog411? I have and wasn't impressed. Besides, isn't goog411 sortof the antithesis of what this site is all about? Wouldn't you rather talk to a live person at a fair price (assuming that service were available)?

ORIGINAL POST: I've gotten some feedback on this post Goog 411 is a free, automated voice service to lookup phone numbers. (Damn the phone companies for charging us $1.50 for each 411 call.) Did I mention that Goog 411 was free?

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Posted by GetHuman on Fri, 13 Apr 2007 9:51am

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