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It's not often we get to write about the automakers, but the other day, the Chrysler Group, car maker of Chrysler and Jeep cars and SUV's, declared it is opening its call centers on Sunday. The company recently opened the call centers on Saturdays, but it is now keeping those call centers open on Sundays as well, in order to improve the relationship with it's customers. The company claims that since moving the call center from India to North America, the wait times for customers has decreased from two minutes to around thirty seconds. Not bad. The Chrysler Group receives about a million and a half customer contacts a year, and realizes there's an opportunity to keep customers happy which will keep them coming back for future products. In contrast to many companies that have since shipped their customer service call centers off-shore in an effort to decrease costs, Chrysler Group claims the best way to contain costs is to give customers less of a reason to call in the first place, by offering quality, reliable products. The Chrysler Group also announced it's dealers will now be able to provide maintenance and service to GM, Ford and Toyota cars and trucks, thus allowing the company to service almost 85% of the cars that are on the road.

It's great to see a car maker of all companies, showing the other companies how quality customer service is done. Not only is the car maker bringing customer service jobs to North America, but it is entirely focused on embracing the customer service experience. By not only allowing itself to be available on Sundays, almost unheard of in the customer service world, but the company is providing additional functionality to it customers outside of it's products by providing service and maintenance on products that aren't even its own. That's impressive. Whether or not this model is transeferable to another industry like the cellphone market is still up for debate. However, there's no denying that customer service is a means for companies to become and remain profitable. By focusing on keeping customers happy, companies can directly affect their bottom line.

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