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United Airlines recently announced a new service that will allow customers to have their luggage delivered to their houses from the airport. The airline has teamed up with BAGS VIP Luggage, and the company will grab your luggage for you from the baggage carousel, and deliver it to your house, thus eliminating the waiting time in the airport. There's a catch though (when is there not?). The service is available for the cool price of $29.95 for one bag, $39.95 for two bags and $49.95 for three to ten bags. While the company claims there are a significant enough amount of customers that wanted this service, the question remains, is this really something people want? That's a lot of money to save yourself the extra fifteen minutes of waiting for your bags. Full disclosure, I take 5-10 flights a year, and when I do so, I usually bring a carry-on not only because it's faster than waiting, but because most airlines are charging bag fees for checking bags. More and more people are trying to save money by not checking bags, so how does paying additional fees to have your bags delivered on top of the baggage checking fees make sense?

We as consumers need to be wary of anything done "in the interest of our customers" or whatever other way the company tries to spin it. The real reason the airline is considering this is to squeeze more money out of the consumer under the guise of "customer service". While there's plenty of time for American Airlines to prove us wrong, it looks like a cheap tactic to try and get more money from the consumer in a business where margins are razor thin. By trying to hide these new additional fees as customer service or as trying to please the customer base they are clearly missing the mark. Yes, we want customer service to be better, but we want it as part of the service that we pay for (in this case the plane ticket) and not as an additional premium on top of everything else. Otherwise we'll just take our business elsewhere.

For more on the new luggage delivery service from American Airlines, click here.

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Posted by GetHuman on Tue, 14 Aug 2012 3:19pm

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